Patient Support and Internal

General Provisions

  The patient support and internal control service of medical organizations was created in order to promptly resolve patients’ appeals on the “here and now” principle, as well as systematically analyze and improve the quality of medical services provided.

Examination of the quality of medical services is a set of organizational, analytical and practical measures carried out to make an opinion on the level of quality of medical services provided by individuals and legal entities, using indicators for assessing the quality of medical services (hereinafter – indicators), reflecting an indicator of efficiency, completeness, compliance of medical services to health standards.

The object of control is a complex of preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic and rehabilitation measures carried out according to a specific technology to achieve specific results


  • Provision of affordable highly qualified competitive medical care to the population of the region in accordance with international requirements, in the amount and on the conditions determined by the current legislation.

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.

  • Study and fulfillment of consumer requests and their expectations;

  • Implementation of innovative technologies

  • Improving the professional competence and qualifications of medical personnel;

  • Ensuring the continuity, efficiency and safety of the services provided;

  • Improving the image of the clinic.

The service employs:

Deputy Chief Physician for Patient Support and Internal Control:

Nikonkova Elena Anatolievna

Doctor expert:

Shakhbutova Amina Zhanzakovna

Doctor expert:

Baigelova Gulnara Mazhitovna

How the service works:

  • Regularity

  • Purposefulness

  • Objectivity

  • Multiple levels

  • Publicity of results

  • Focus on identifying the causes of identified defects in order to eliminate them

  • Timely adoption of adequate management decisions based on control results.

We will be happy to help you solve your problem and assist in obtaining timely qualified medical care. thereby speeding up your recovery.

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