Family Health Center

The Family Health Center consists of 11 therapeutic sections, 11 general practitioner sections, which are divided into 2 therapeutic departments, and also includes a pediatric and obstetric-gynecological department.

         Medical workers of the family health center provide, in the served area, first-aid and qualified assistance, therapeutic and preventive measures, provide dispensary patients with drugs, according to indications organize a hospital at home, active visits to a therapist, conduct explanatory work on the prevention of diseases and the formation of a healthy lifestyle , carry out sanitary and anti-epidemic (preventive) measures in the foci of infectious diseases, participate in social events held in the clinic.

           Children’s department – located on the 3rd floor of the clinic.

The attached child population is served at 6 pediatric and 11 GP sites, is 9 206.

          In a polyclinic, young patients can receive an examination by a local pediatrician, narrow specialists, physiotherapy procedures, massage and exercise therapy.

          Classes are regularly held for parents at the Healthy Child School.

         The obstetric and gynecological service of the polyclinic carries out the procedure for registering pregnant women. The necessary medical examination is carried out, the Register of Pregnant Women is being kept, monitoring the course of physiological pregnancy, as well as pregnant women with extragenital diseases in remission without dysfunctions. In order to improve the reproductive health of the population, a compulsory examination (once a year) of women of fertile age (18-49 years) is carried out, by district therapists, an obstetrician-gynecologist.

          Employees actively participate in the program:

  • RPN program for attaching the population to the polyclinic and sites and dispensary patients;

• The SDF program for free treatment of inpatient care;

• Program “ERDB” for the registration of dispensary patients;

• National Immunization Company;

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