Club of the elderly”Nadezhda”

 For those who take an active position in life, have a lot of life experience, are open to communication, are ready to share interesting ideas, learn themselves and teach others how to overcome difficult situations, the Nadezhda CLUB was created, the name of the club, the participants themselves suggested.

     Classes in the club are very diverse, they are held twice a week, once a week meetings in the club are held on the basis of the Laguna water park, special complexes of exercises in the water have been developed for people of mature age, these are psychophysical gymnastics, dance-movement, play therapy, in a jacuzzi participants are taught the skills of self-massage of the face, the secrets of a non-surgical facelift, etc. In a polyclinic, physical therapy with elements of yoga, breathing exercises, fitball (fitness balls). Round tables are periodically organized on the issues of proper nutrition, prevention of diseases, peculiarities of psychological changes in old age, with the involvement of specialists from our clinic and other medical institutions.

If we managed to interest you, come !!!

Do not forget that the statement: “In a healthy body, a healthy mind!” Is a mistake.

Only with a healthy Soul can there be a healthy body and harmony in all spheres of life.

Working hours Club “Hope”

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 15.30 – 16.30, room 610

Thursday – lesson in the pool at the “Laguna” health center at 10.00

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