Round table meeting

      Within the framework of the week of reproductive health protection, according to the concept in the KGP “Polyclinics No. 2” of Kostanay, on 06/26/2024 at 10.00, a round table meeting was held with the participation of the media “Kazakhstan – Kostanay”, educational schools No. 17,24,21 gymnasiums named after S. Maulenov, A. Bokeikhan, M.Gorky, AIDS Center and freelance coordinator of healthy lifestyle Sadvokasova A.K., head of the Regional Youth Health Center Yergalieva Zh.Oh,the gynecologist, the head of the obstetrician—gynecological department, Terekulov S.A. and the head of the preventive distance, Nurtazenova G.D., as well as a specialist in healthy lifestyle, Abilkasova G.N.
The issues of awareness of youth and adolescents on reproductive health issues were discussed.

     Gynecologist Terekulov S.A. reported on the prevention of early pregnancy, early sexual life, and unwanted complications of pregnancy.

     On preventive issues and activities among schoolchildren within the framework of the SHSUZ, the head of the preventive distance Nurtazenova G.D.

      The head of the organizational and methodological department of the AIDS Center, N.A. Reshetova, reported on the events held with young people and adolescents on HIV issues. In conclusion, the coordinator of the healthy lifestyle Sadvokasova AK summarized the issues related to reproductive health and answered the organizational questions of interest.

Published: 26.06.2024 16:29