June 1 – Children’s Day

On the first day of summer – June 1, we celebrate Children’s Day. The holiday was first celebrated in 1950 after the establishment of the International Democratic Women’s Federation in 1949 by decision of the Congress. This memorable date tells us that children all over the world need our help and support, that we are responsible for them, that our task is to help them be healthy and happy. Interestingly, Children’s Day has its own flag. On it, against a bright green background, the planet Earth is schematically depicted, and around it are colorful little men holding hands.

This is not only a fun holiday for the children themselves, it is also a reminder to society of the need to protect children and their rights. Everyone should have a happy and safe childhood, so that children can learn, do what they love in a favorable and friendly environment and in the future become wonderful parents and citizens of their country.

In the modern world, the issue of child safety is very acute. And the current social situation is getting worse every year, it is not a problem of one particular country, it is a problem of the world community. Every year there is more and more traffic on the roads, the number of drivers who do not comply with the speed limit increases, with the growth of poverty, the increase in crime, antisocial personalities, and this is only part of the dangers that lie in wait for a child on the street, add to this the dangers on the Internet.

The task of adults is not only to protect the child, but also to prepare him for meeting with dangerous life situations. After all, as you know: “forewarned means armed.” Adults will not be able to stay close to the child all the time, so he must be able to help himself in a difficult situation by himself, and he can do this if he knows about the existing dangers, learns to recognize them and avoid them. The promotion of safe lifestyle skills should certainly be done by both kindergarten and school, but the most important thing for a child is the parent’s position and the views of mom and dad on safety rules. Do not save your time, explain to your child how to behave correctly in different life situations, what is good and what is bad. After all, saving your time, you can lose the most precious thing – a happy and safe childhood of your children

Every year, on the occasion of the Children’s Day, the staff of “Polyclinic No. 2 of Kostanay” organizes various festive events and competitions. And there is also an exhibition of children’s drawings. This year was no exception. And today we held another contest of children’s drawings called “Dear, dear, our”.

Where children drew their family, their dear and dear people and loved ones.

After summing up the results, the winners were awarded with gifts.

We congratulate all children on the holiday!


Published: 19.07.2021 09:20